Hello! My name is Yura.
But here you can find some of my personal projects, download my projects, or find out a bit more about me.
MP: 0 / 5
XP:12 345 / 12 419
Random project
Random quot
49% of accidents occur after the words: "Look how I can!", The remaining 51% after the words: "Garbage, look how it should be!"
To the edge of the world
Travel by bike 10 000 km
Passed [2141.1 / 10000]    Done: 21.411%
Test pilot
To leave on the bike in a heavy snow
Typical Programmer
Write 100 applications
Written by [96 / 100]    Done: 96%
Learn to write a minimum of 10 programming languages
I know [10]    Done: 100%
The World Wide Web
Write 10 sites or web applications that are used for more than a year
Written by [5 / 10]    Done: 50%
Develop 10 devices or systems that are used for more than a year
Developed by [7 / 10]    Done: 70%
This is only the beginning
Work 20 years
Have worked [12 / 20]    Done: 60%
Magnetism of the community
Post at least 50 projects on the Internet
Projects published [50]    Done: 100%
Honorable inmate
To live 50 years old
Lived [33 / 50]    Done: 66%
You're a programmer
Can not be translated! :(
Cases [58 / 100]    Done: 58%
Get to the hospital
Fully assemble the bicycle
Swim at night
City of poets and suicides
Move to live in St. Petersburg and write a poem
Revolution has come true
Live to the moment when electric cars replace gas engines
Do not care
After the triumph of electric vehicles continue to ride a Lada
Under siege
Go past the grandmothers at the entrance in an unusual way and hear no accusations
Under siege
Stuck in the toilet due to the fact that the toilet paper has run out
Gritting my teeth
Live your whole life without going to the dentist
Nothing is impossible
Drown in the Red Sea
It had to happen
Kill your neighbor with his hammer or drill
Joyful uncle
Work as Santa Claus for the New Year
Like a believer
Go to church for no reason
Miraculous transformation
Enter the casino rich and leave the poor
And with a clear conscience ...
Never torrent in your entire life
Spend 100,000 hours playing computer games
Hours played [3639 / 100000]    Done: 3.639%
Honest uncle
Refuse a bribe as an official or a traffic police officer
Call the beast a crime boss and stay alive

Created by Dr.Smyrke