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July 2013WIM - Web interface for Minecraft
is a new unique system for the server and the data of the game world, adding new features to the gameplay.

- Purchase / sale / repair / modification of subjects
- Changing the parameters of the character
- Edit game data
- Support for third-party modifications
- Full control over the server part
- The system logs and backups
- Event Management System realtime
- Management server in real time
- Access system
- Moving between worlds
- Mere interaction with a user interface
- The system of additional storage items
- The opportunity to interact with world map
- Support of third-party modifications (Goki Stats)

✔ UI/UX Design
✔ Macromedia Flash
✔ HTML5 & CSS 2/3
✔ PHP/Parsing
✔ JavaScript/Ajax
✔ MySiteEngine
✔ Minecraft NBT (Parsing compressed binary data)
✔ Rcon
✔ MinecraftQuery